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Welcome to Heroic Realms. Heroic Realms is a Live Action Role playing Game for all those interested in the medieval genre. Gamers enjoy a game designed to provide a mythical journey to a time of fantasy quests and adventure. Gamers also enjoy interacting with each other via our forum.

For those just starting and unfamiliar to the role playing genre, embarking on this style of role playing adventure will bring you to a new world packed with fun and excitement. It is a world filled with medieval adventure and mythical creatures both friend and foe. Since it is live, you can expect to see real people portraying mythical and fanatical beings ordained in elaborate costuming interacting with you and each other. The goal is to provide interactive exciting experiences we are convinced you will never forget. Whether you decide to play a sword bearing warrior, a spell caster, or even a commoner to name a few, you will enjoy a variety of exhilarating live action role playing experiences in a world filled with fantasy and adventuring fun.